Learn AccountNet


After getting your licence and Sign up you will have your dashboard area. To avoid the interruption while working, please do configure some functionalities.

Follow the steps given below.

  1. At the top page, trace the yellow bar button, ‘Update your setting’. Click on it to configure the settings.
  2. Click again on the dashboard, here you can see the stats and accounting data.
  3. Now click on the banks from the left panel and do add bank.

Your system is ready now.

Add your first Product

There are four types of products that you can add in your inventory.

  1. Inventory
  2. Non Inventory
  3. Service
  4. Bundle
  • Click on inventory tab from left/main menu bar.
  • Click on New Product dropdown to select product type that you want to add.
  • Fill the Form that is opened to add your product.
  • Click save changes from bottom of the form
  • Your new product item is saved and will be shown on the page.

To Edit

  • Click on Edit icon from right.
  • Form with the product details will open.
  • Update product
  • Click Save to save your changes.

To Search

  • Enter Search query in the top search bar.
  • Click on search to search your items.
  • Click reset to reset your search.

Add your first Customer

Optional (If you want to add your customer under some company)

  • Click on the Sales tab from left/main menu bar.
  • Click on companies heading to open companies page.
  • Click on Add Company.
  • Fill the form with new company details.
  • Click on Save Changes.

Add Customer

  • Click on the Sales tab from left/main menu bar.
  • Click on customers heading to open customers page.
  • Click on Add Customer.
  • Fill the form with new customers details.
  • Click on Save Changes.

Add your first Bank

Add Bank

  • Click on the Banks tab from left/main menu bar.
  • Click on Add New Bank.
  • Fill the form with new Bank details.
  • Click on Save Changes.


Create Invoice

To create an Invoice:

  • Click on Sales from the left panel.
  • After clicking on the sales panel you will see the dropdown panel.
  • The new dropdown transaction will show the invoice.
  • Enter the data of the invoice that includes:
    • Select customer.
    • Product with quantity.
    • Trade
    • Amount
    • Now, Do save it.
Its Ready to use

Receive Payment

Create Estimate

Create Sales Receipt

Credit Memo

Create Delay Charge

Add your first Supplier


Create Bill

Pay Bill

Create Expense





Chart of Accounts

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Update Settings

Configure Mail

Change Password

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